IPL Photo facial

What is E-Light


What is " E-Light "?

E-Light (Photo Facial) is effective for all skin problems such as fine lines, age spots, freckles, dullness, acne scars, pores, and reddish face.


By shining effective light on the entire face, it brings out the original beauty of bare skin and improves it to youthful bare skin.


In addition, it damages the deposited melanin and at the same time activates collagen synthesis, so you can feel that your skin changes beautifully from the inside.

How it works

What is the mechanism of E-Light?

「IPL + RF」 = E-Light

E-Light is a combination of IPL (photo facial) and RF (radio frequency).

IPL improves dark spots and dullness by damaging the melanin of the skin.

RF transfers heat energy to the back of the skin (dermis layer) and improves fine lines, sagging, pores, etc.

Recommended for ...

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Those who have slack or fine wrinkles on the face such as under the eyes, cheeks and chin

It is also effective for those who have sagging or fine wrinkles on the face such as under their eyes, cheeks and chin that occur in each part due to aging.


Those who want comprehensive total care such as skin trouble improvement and maintenance

E-light is a total skin care treatment that not only improves various skin problems but also allows regular maintenance by combining light treatment and high frequency treatment.


Those who have spots, freckles, dullness, darkened pores, etc. on the entire face

E-Light is effective for skin problems such as age spots, freckles, dullness, and darkening of pores.

Treatment flow



First of all, please let us know your concerns about counseling. Experienced staff will take care of you.


Face washing / cleaning

Please wash your face and prepare for the treatment. Please come to the store without making up as much as possible. Also, since you will be asked to close your eyes for a long time during the procedure, please remove those who are concerned about contact lenses.



After attaching the eye pad that protects the eyes from light, apply a cold gel that protects the skin before irradiating. We will make settings according to the customer, taking into consideration the number of times and the condition of the skin.


Cool down

After the operation, gel cooling is performed and the treatment is completed. We ask that you take measures against UV rays and provide plenty of moisturizing. Also, please refrain from using peeling agents so as not to give strong irritation to the reacted stains.

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